Tuesday, April 28, 2009

creepy UAB

UAB has a clinic for EVERYTHING. Monday Harper had an appointment at the genetics clinic at the UAB Department of Human Genetics. A little creepy, yes. First, a genetic counselor came in and took a life history from Luke and me (and I mean life history). She actually drew up a family tree. She asked our ethnic origin. Come on, I'm from Jasper. Next, the doctor came in, looked at Harper's face, hands, and feet, and basically told us that she looked normal. Apparently, a lot of times they can look at children and tell if a syndrome is involved. He didn't like the results from the first round of genetic tests so he sent us over to Children's to get more labwork done. They are sending the blood to a special lab at the University of Iowa--they have a otolaryngology clinic that does chromosome tests specifically for deafness. Cool, huh? Another 4-6 weeks of waiting for results.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

very, very new at this

Hello to all!
This is my first attempt at documenting our journey raising a personality-filled child who just so happens to have severe hearing loss. My hope is that this will help people to understand how difficult learning is for children who have never had the opportunity to hear spoken language the correct way and other challenges that come along with hearing loss like those ugly hats. I hope there are many more blogs to come.