Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harper's First Birthday

On May 16 we celebrated Harper's first birthday. This year has FLOWN by!

We had a small party at home, but Harper had a blast! She really dug into her cake. We even had to clean it out of her nose! Notice how well she is doing with her hearing aids. The majority of the time she wears this headband instead of the hat. I bought her these cute headbands at Kids Unlimited in Cullman when she was younger and didn't have enough hair to wear a bow. I had no idea how handy they actually would be!
She got WAY too many toys, but I have to say she plays with it all. She especially loves this baby doll that she puts into the recliner and says, "Rock, rock". Luke and I got her a pink electric car. When she's old enough the stick comes out of the back and she can make it go by pressing a button on the steering wheel. She loves it!


  1. I am glad that Harper had such a wonderful birthday! She's a special little girl! We love her!

  2. cutest pics! She looks like the happiest child on earth!