Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of shots

Harper had her 12 month visit at the new pediatrician yesterday. His name is Dr. Johnston at Birmingham Pediatrics. I had asked around in some of my offices and to some of my friends, and his name kept popping up. Supposedly, he has a lot of experience with developmental delays. Although Harper didn't want much to do with him, I really liked his approach. She especially didn't care for the four immunizations!
He was very impressed with Harper's speech at 12 months. As you can see on the sidebar, Harper is up to around 12 words. He said that just 2 words at this age is within the normal limits. Yea!! He said this is phenomenal given her hearing impairment.

I also want to wish Luke a late "Happy Anniversary"! We've been married four years on May 16th and still honeymooning :) I'm so lucky to have a husband like him. He is so honest and trustworthy and really does have a desire to please God. Men like him are rare.


  1. I am so proud of Harper, although Julie or Parker should be her next words!

  2. a parent of one of my students in speech uses Dr. Johnston....she says she would not go anywhere else so hopefully you'll have the same experience....sounds like you and Luke are doing great things with Harper =) keep us updated on her vocabulary....as a speech therapist that kind of thing excites me too!

  3. this is Jennifer Herron by the way =)

  4. Katy That is great news, she is not as behind as they once thought!! I am so happy ya'll got good a good report, thanks for keeping us posted. ttyl Tiff