Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another day of speech

Harper had speech therapy again yesterday. Usually she is great at participating and seems to enjoy it. Yesterday she wouldn't repeat most of what we were saying to her. I had noticed this pattern when we had practiced her "Learning to Listens" this past week. She has begun to default to her usual "bye bye or ba ba" as an answer to everything. Also, instead of saying "uh oh" very plainly, she has been saying "uh uh". I just chalked it up to a bad week, teething (3 or 4 new teeth this week for a total of 13), stubbornness, or laziness.
When I explained this to the speech therapist and she witnessed her behavior yesterday, she had cause for concern. Supposedly, this is a sign of progressive hearing loss. She will go see the audiologist tomorrow for further testing. I just don't think I am prepared for the hearing loss to get worse.
On a happy note, I am currently listening to Harper play "Peep-Eye" with herself when she is supposed to be napping. It sounds like "P-Pie P-Pie P-Pie". Hilarious.


  1. I'll be praying for tomorrow's hearing test! Hopefully, its just her being stubborn! :) It's amazing that she's already saying so much even with the obstacles she has! She sounds like one amazing little girl.

    Whitney Powell Brink

  2. Thanks for the prayers, Whitney!
    Here's an update from her visit: The hearing test showed a 10 decibel loss from her previous hearing test. They don't consider it to be an actual loss until it reaches 15 decibels. She goes back in August to retest to see if her hearing is actually getting worse.

  3. Katy, I'll be praying about her August visit!