Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not-So-Happy Father's Day

After eating a great Father's Day meal even before gifts or dessert, Luke and I made a little trip down to Children's Hospital. Harper has started shoving her high chair tray when she wants out or gets angry. While I was putting in her hearing aids, she got mad and shoved the tray. Well, somehow the tray wasn't latched and she went face first onto the tile. We were afraid that she had bit through her lip or chipped some teeth but couldn't tell because her lip immediately puffed out. We grabbed her up and took off to downtown.
All in all, the doctor said everything was okay. Her teeth weren't loose. She had bit through her lip but not bad enough to need stitches. The worst part was her frenulum (the part that attaches your lip to your gum) is caught between her front two teeth. He said it would come out on its own. She was laughing before we left and doesn't seem to be in pain at all.
Not a great way to spend your Father's Day.

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  1. ohh Katy That is a terrible way to spend fathers day... I am so glad she is okay! Have a good week.